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A development blog for yet another indie 2D platformer. How splendid.

Progress report (Week of August 31, 2014)

I’m going to post an update once a week from now on.

New in this video:
-makeshift title screen

-creation of some randomly sized windows to demonstrate the animation and the resizability of said windows, which will later be used for dialogue, etc.

-Standing in the front of the tent and pressing Z (the action button) opens the tent. Walking away automatically closes it.

-Enemy now floats around on a path. Its quite a pain to set up paths for a physics object in game maker, but luckily I found a tutorial detailing it.

-NPC interaction. I sort of have an NPC base created that I can now build off of.

-Simple quest structure. I talk to the NPC using Z (the action button), dialogue appears (its not visible in this video because it pops out into a system dialogue window right now). Then you collect the item she wants which marks the quest as complete. I return to the character, talk to her, she thanks me.

-(not in video) The “Player Warp” is a system for taking the player to another place, for example when he enters a door or goes to another part of the level. Right now its not really functional because when you warp, the “fixed rotation” property gets set to false for some reason, resulting in the character flopping around the level like a flaccid penis. Yet another product of the janky physics system in Game Maker.

Known Bugs:
-The player sometimes randomly shoots into the air when bouncing off the NPC or enemy. I thought I had this fixed, but apparently I don’t as demonstrated in the video. Oops.

-If you collide with the item the NPC wants before the item is even visible, you will still collect it.

Where I’m Headed in the Next Week:
I’m kind of bored with programming right now, so I’ll probably work more on art and music. I’ll try and flesh out what I have done right now with some better art, as the vast majority of it is a placeholder.


Progress Report (Week of August 17, 2014)

I know have a pretty solid prototype down. I’ve got movement, physics, slopes, parallax scrolling, the works.

Since this video, I’ve fixed the parallax scrolling so that its tied to the position of the camera rather than the position of the character, thus making it look better when you hit the ends of a level.  I also tweaked some things to make the controls less floaty.

Next on the list is to integrate the jump animation so he’s not just flailing his legs around when jumping.


Mother and Father run a carnival staffed by an eclectic group of their own offspring – an angry ringleader, a paranoid daredevil, a miserable clown, an angsty teenager of no apparent use, and our sickeningly happy hero, Butt Pie [working title]. A messy divorce with mysterious circumstances leaves the kids with Mother, but the carnival stays with Father. Mother and her children pick up their roots and take their trade to a mysterious island which floats high above their world – an untapped market. The trip leaves the aging Mother ill, and the task of finding some sort of treatment in this strange land falls to Butt Pie, her favored child.

Will Mother’s ailing body pull through? Can her brood bring peace to this land rife with anger, despair, meaningless, and fear? 


I have this game I’m working and I’ve decided to start a development blog in order to keep motivated. I probably won’t post every thing I do in the name of not spoiling every little thing, and so that everything won’t all be in one place for someone to steal and cobble together into a game I won’t post individual game assets much so that people can’t steal them… only screenshots or gameplay videos. If anyone wants to steal my assets, they’ll have their work cut (and pasted) out for them. *rim shot*

Basically, this game is more or less just another pixel art 2D platformer. My purpose in creating this was to create a world in which all the crazy creatures I draw can live in, much in the same way Tolkien created The Lord of the Rings as a vehicle for the Elven language. However, there are a few mechanics which I hope will set it apart from other similar games, but that’s one of those things which I will refrain from posting here so that I don’t spoil everything.

What I can tell you is that it is highly inspired by Majora’s Mask. Each of the four worlds (not counting the hub world, the carnival) are based around an emotional theme (anger, despair, meaningless, and fear), similar to how each of Majora’s Mask’s areas were based on the five stages of loss and grief. There will be four transformation masks, resulting in five playable characters (and no end of grief for me on the animation side). There will be something similar to the happy notebook which you can fill with happy stickers as you help the island’s woeful inhabitants. One major difference is that there is no time limit. The three day time limit was an interesting mechanic in Majora’s Mask, but I feel that it was its only fault.  The sense of progress was lost when everything resets every few hours, and it also discourages exploration when you’re trying to rush through the next objective.

This may sound strange, but the tone I’m going for in this game is similar to a child in a horror movie. Like, say, the twins in The Shining. The reason they are so dark and scary is because they are children, things we typically regard as innocent and harmless. In the same way, while my game may look like another cutesy platform game with a smiling anthropomorphic hero, it will have much darker under currents swirling beneath the surface.

I’m not sure how explicit I want this game to be. Majora’s Mask was very dark while still being child-friendly, and I liked that. They’re something overtly creepy about a dark world with no blood, gore, or adult content. However, I am considering making something gorier and more adult. But I’m afraid in that case I will alienate both adult and child audiences. Adults won’t want to give this game a chance because it looks like a kid’s game, and children’s parents won’t allow them to play it due to its adult content. This is something I’m still considering.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the first prototype footage. I have many other assets completed, but as I said, I will not post individual assets.